USB C Adapters connect your devices.

USB C adapters and cables

The USB C adapters connection (also USB 3.1 or USB type C) is an new USB standard, which will be available in the future in many devices. Apple has with the presentation of the new MacBook incorporated in March 2015 as one of the first USB-C and leave at the same time eliminated all other interfaces. So the MacBook neither USB 2.0 / 3.0 ports still has interfaces for the connection of a monitor via HDMI or Thunderbolt. Apart from the deletion of these known types of connection, USB-C replaced even here the connection for the power supply.
Thus the existing peripherals can still be used, USB C adapters and  USB Type-c cables are required. On ViveSea we put focus on the necessary information of  new USB standard and help you to orientate yourself in the bid the different adapters and converters. With our product comparison and testing, you get a quick overview and can easily find the USB C adapters that meet your needs 100%.

Short video introduction to the new USB-C standard

In the following video you will get a brief introduction to the specifics of the USB-C standards using the example of the Chromebook Pixel: